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22nd November 2008
Manchester, United Kingdom

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phpnw08 PHP Conference 22/11/2008

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  • Convince the Boss

    So, you’re considering attending a conference, and now you want to discuss this with your employer? Whether it is financial, practical, or moral support you are after, the chances are that you will first of all need to sell the benefits of the event. While it is true that there will be some alcohol and some networking time, that’s not really why we’re there, and its not what you’ll remember after the event, so let’s look at the headline benefits.

    Cracking technical content There’s a variety of sessions on the schedule, aimed at different levels and covering a wide range of topics. Whether you’re a PHP specialist with some years experience, or using it as a new or secondary skill, there are sure to be sessions you can learn from.

    Industry Leading Figures You’ve read their books, their articles and their blogs, and now they’re here. The speakers are a mix of experienced PHP conference regulars, through high-level technical folks, to local tech guys that you might meet at the various other northern networking events. They only speak for a short time during the day, and the rest of the time you can rub shoulders with them, ask them questions, or buy them a drink.

    A Peer Group Not everyone works in a large, like-minded team of developers. Whether you work alone, in a small team, or with people who don’t seem to want to learn and improve, its great to get together with our peers and share ideas. There will be lots of people just like you, and representatives from user groups where you can go and meet these people the rest of the year. They are a good crowd; people who understand why XKCD is funny and how serious the words kernel panic really are.

    Skills and Knowledge to Keep After the event, the slides will go on the conference site, so you can look back for reference having heard the concepts explained by the speaker. Every attendee also gets a year’s subscription to php|architect magazine, so those new ideas will just keep on coming, all from a single day’s conference.

    If You Are The Boss …

    If your employee wants to attend a conference like this one, then send them. Just the act of asking puts them into the league of self-starters and this person will continue to be of value to you. The event is on a Saturday so the company won’t lose any of their hours – and tickets at 50 pounds means its cheaper than any other training options around. Your geek will come back, full of new ideas and contacts, feeling valued and motivated – and with freebies including the ongoing subscription to the main industry publication. A very classy piece of management on your part, may I say.

    … And If You’re Not

    If your boss is being pointy-haired, then let him/her get on with it. Its 50 quid and its a Saturday – two small prices to pay for your ongoing professional development and career success. Come and hang out with us, and meet the community. If you’re still stuck for how to pay for the ticket, remember we have discounts for students and we’re looking for volunteers to help on the day who will get a complimentary pass.

    So now that we’ve cleared that up, there’s no excuses – see you there!

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