Volker Dusch

Volker Dusch

Vertical reuseablility through components

Volker Dusch is a Software Developer born in Germany and currently working for the Scientific Network, ResearchGate, in Berlin.

He started programming with PHP in the early PHP 4 days and has around 11 years of experience with the language.

Having worked on big home grown legacy applications and with new ‘modern’ projects he is interested in keeping code maintainable so that it can be adapted fast and easily to new requirements.

His current interests lie in the Clean Code movement, Test Driven Development, Agile Software Development and shipping what ‘business’ really needs to succeed.

In his spare time he contributes to PHPUnit, jenkins-php.org and some other smaller projects while enjoying chess, poker, gaming and watching esports.

You can find him on Twitter, GitHub and Stackoverflow.

Vertical reuseability through components

This talk will feature and overview of an architecture that enables heavy reuse of even the smallest components by showing the details of the researchgate.net implementation.

Using this approach enables developers to take page elements, like a single “follow” button, and place it everywhere on the site without having to duplicate any PHP, JS, HTML, CSS or AJAX endpoint in the process.

It goes on to show what scalability, performance and UX improvements this enables and should provide a couple new ideas that are usually not explored in a classic (H)MVC approach.

Slides are available here.