Setting up a Continuous Delivery environment in 3 hours

The heart of a Continuous Delivery process revolves around the ability to deliver and deploy. This ability in turn is fed by a set of tooling; with this workshop I will demonstrate not only which tools you can use but also how to set them up using Puppet and test that setup with a pinch of Vagrant.

Questions and Answers

Who’s the target audience for this tutorial?

This workshop is intended for developers wishing to work in more rapid delivery cycles, who want to learn how to set up such an environment and how to use it. After this workshop attendees will be able to implement a Continuous Delivery system in their company and coach fellow developers how to work in such an environment.

How experienced do I need to be?

It is recommended that attendees have an intermediate level of experience or are keen minded starters. Knowledge of Linux and System Operations are a pré.

Which version of software / php etc will you be covering?

I will, at the least, be covering software as Vagrant, Puppet, Phing, JetBrains Teamcity, PHPUnit, Jenkins, Capistrano, logstash and peripheral services as Redis and ElasticSearch. Not every piece of software will be dived into in detail but the attendee will have a broad knowledge base to build on after the workshop.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

The most fun can be experienced by following the program with your own laptop.

Do I need to install or set-up any specific software prior to the day, in order to get the most out of the day?

A definite must is an installed and working version of Vagrant, I will be distributing Vagrant baseboxes with all necessary software. There is a example project that we will be automating but it might be more enjoyable if you have a project of your own to work with.

What else will I get?

Refreshments and lunch, a personalised attendance certificate and a conference T-shirt!

Mike van Riel

Mike van Riel

Setting up a Continuous Delivery environment in 3 hours

Mike van Riel is a Software Engineer at Ingewikkeld with a passion for Software Architecture, Web Design and Quality Assurance, specializing in Documentation.

He is also the Lead Developer for phpDocumentor, an open source API documentation generator for PHP, and he speaks at PHP conferences in Europe on PHP, Design, Quality Assurance and Agile methodologies.