What Symfony Components Can Do For You

Symfony 2 has had a profound impact on the PHP world since well before the initial stable release, and its components have since been picked up as building blocks by many open source projects. Take a look at how Symfony Components can be of use to you, and how they make your life easier in migrating legacy projects towards a modern architecture.In this workshop, we will take an old PHP4 application into the modern world – step by step. The workshop introduces some of the major Symfony Components that are used as building blocks by Projects like Drupal, Laravel, Silex, and of core Symfony2.

Questions and Answers

Who’s the target audience for this tutorial?

PHP Developers who want any combination of:

– build small apps without a full stack framework
– refactor legacy apps
– get a feeling for how the parts of Symfony2 work together

How experienced do I need to be?

You do not need to know anything about Symfony2. Your general skill level is not important, as long as you have a decent foundation in object oriented PHP (5.3.+) in general.

Which version of software / php etc will you be covering?

PHP 5.3.3 or newer
Symfony Components 2.3.*

Do I need to bring a laptop?

Yes please.

Do I need to install or set-up any specific software prior to the day, in order to get the most out of the day?

You will need Git, a Webserver of some kind, MySQL, and PHP. Version 5.3.3 or newer is ok, 5.4 is better. Before the start of the workshop, we will also provide a repository with a base project to get everyone started.

What else will I get?

Refreshments and lunch, a personalised attendance certificate and a conference T-shirt!

Andreas Hucks

Andreas Hucks

What Symfony Components Can Do For You

Andreas Hucks works as a senior developer and consultant for SensioLabs Germany, where he is responsible for the trainings unit. He has had extensive project experience with Symfony throughout its history, doing development, consulting, coaching, and contributing to the framework. As a long time member of the Symfony community, Andreas has co-organized the Symfony Day conference series and Symfony Live Berlin.