Tutorial Day




04 Oct 2013

05 Oct 2013

06 Oct 2013


9:00 AM

8:30 AM

9:00 AM

Includes full tutorial day and conference weekend with refreshments. lunch and optional entry to the evening socials (04 & 05 Oct) .




04 Oct 2013



Includes a half day tutorial session, refreshments, lunch and optional entry to the Friday evening Social (04 Oct).




04 Oct 2013



Includes a full day of tutorial sessions, refreshments, lunch and optional entry to the Friday evening Social (04 Oct).

About the Tutorial Day

Have you ever been to a conference talk and wished the speaker could come and spend time with you to really explore the real ‘nitty-gritty’ of the topic?

Well so have we, and that’s why following previous year’s success, PHPNW are again offering you this exceptional opportunity in the form of a tutorial day which will kick off the whole conference weekend.

Come on your own or bring your team, spend a day with some of the most experienced developers, speakers and experts who will take you on a journey through the advanced areas of their topics. This is your exclusive opportunity to ask the experts your specific questions relating to your and or your team and projects.

Ask your boss!

Download our document to help discuss the value of attending the Tutorial Day.

Tutorial sessions


A hands-on introduction to writing unit tests using PHPUnit

AMHarrie Verveer

Automate all the things

AMMarcus Deglos

Build your first Symfony2 application

AMStefan Koopmanschap

MySQL Query Optimisation

AMAdrian Hardy

Setting up a Continuous Delivery environment in 3 hours

PMMike van Riel

Best practises for WordPress plugin development

PMJuliette Reinders Folmer 

What Symfony components can do for you

PMAndreas Hucks

Working with MongoDB

PMDerick Rethans

What to expect

This is a first come first served basis, but we have plenty of room so come and be part of this excellent opportunity for advanced, in-depth peer learning that will have a tangible impact on you and your work!

  • Practical experimental tutorial (you will need to bring your laptop and be prepared to have your skills stretched).
  • Group / peer learning, individual coaching and questions.
  • Roving coaches to facilitate the needs of the tutor and you to enhance your learning experience.
  • A dedicated classroom environment.
  • Restricted group sizes to ensure your individual experience.
  • Some tutorials may require you to install software – Make sure you have your passwords or permissions ready.
  • Personalised attendance certificate showing 3/6 hours training, signed by PHPNW and the tutor.
  • Full day runs from registration at 9.00am until 5:30pm.
  • Half day AM runs from registration at 9.00am until 2:00pm, (ending with lunch).
  • Half day PM runs from 1.00pm until 5:30pm, (starting with lunch).
  • Refreshments and lunch are provided to all attendees (lunch will be served 1.00pm until 2:00pm).