3rd*, 4th & 5th October
Manchester, UK

Our Friday Hackathon Projects

There is just one day to go until PHPNW14! There is a lot of buzz in the office as the Conference team begin to pack the goody bags and prepare other final details.

The Friday night social and hackathon will begin at 7.30pm on Friday 3rd October. Burgers will be served in the Manchester Conference Centre restaurant, The Cotton Room. As part of your Hackathon ticket, you will receive a burger voucher at registration on the night which you will be able to swap for a free burger.

Don’t forget that you must bring your ticket to gain entry as this is a sold out event! An electronic version of your ticket is fine, but make sure your brightness is turned up so we can scan it on the day.

Just like previous years, we have a number of projects available for you to work on if you choose or you may wish to work on your own projects. If hackathons aren’t for you, there is the option to just meet other hackathon attendees and socialise!

Project: Joind.in

Joind.in started in 2008 and has become the defacto opensource platform for online event feedback. It offers a well documented API which is in use by iPhone and Android devices.


  • The new mobile site http://m.joind.in is the main focus for joind.in, there’s plenty to do so just show up and they’ll find something that’s a good fit for your skill set.
  • The original joind.in site is maintenance mode only. Bug fixes will be accepted but new features should be added to http://m.joind.in instead.
  • The android app is under active development – if you have android app skills (or want to acquire them!) there will be plenty opportunity at the Hackathon.
  • The iphone app has been somewhat abandoned in recent times but joind.in have everything they need to help you to pick it back up again. If you’re an iphone app user and you’d like to keep up with the new features added in the other platforms, then you probably want to hack on this for your own interests.
  • The API powers the new website, the android app, and countless other integrations with conference sites etc. This holds the business logic and database, so we’ll be hacking on this whatever happens!
  • Also on their wishlist: more javascript widgets for speakers and events to use on their own sites, tool for importing talks, integration with OpenCfP and anything else you can think of!

Web: http://joind.inhttp://www.lornajane.net/posts/2014/joind-in-at-phpnws-hackathon

Version control repo: http://github.com/joindin

Any preparation: Nothing, just come along! Attendees can set up the dev platform to save time (https://github.com/joindin/joindin-vm), but it’s absolutely not required, there will be people around specifically to help with setting up.

Project: Spout

Spout is a RESTful CMS created with Angular.js and BEAR.Sunday.


  • Bug fixes and enhancements for example:
    • Make sure slug validation is performed
    • Make JS links appear as clickable links
    • Enter button does not submit form

Version control repohttps://github.com/mackstar/Spout

Any preparation: Attendees can set up to save time, but it is fairly quick so it is possible to set up on the night.

PHP 5.4+
 git clone git@github.com:mackstar/Spout.git spout
 git clone git@github.com:mackstar/Spout-Site.git
 cd Spout-Site
 composer install
 ./vendor/bin/install -e dev
 rm -rf vendor/mackstar/spout
 mv ../spout vendor/mackstar/
 cd vendor/mackstar/spout
 npm install
 grunt watch


Project: MageSpec

MageSpec is a Magento / PHPSpec testing framework.


  • Refactoring and improving MageSpec for Magento
  • Adding new specs and features

Version control repohttps://github.com/MageTest/MageSpec

Project: Cute Little Interpreters

Cute Little Interpreters will be an informal workshop where you can learn how to build your own little programming language! Beginners are very welcome! Learn stuff, do stuff, play around!

There is no fixed schedule, but there will be an introduction to lexing, parsing, interpreters. Most of the time will be spent actually building little machines and being creative with them.

Preparation: All you need is a basic knowledge of any programming language and lots of enthusiasm!


Project: Magento Examples Module


  • Looking to add onto an existing entity + admin grid & form module.
  • Anyone interested in some Magento development insight is welcome to join as well!

Any preparation: 

A fairly clean Magento installation, or better is ideal. Sample data not necessary.

Don’t forget, these are just options, you can also hack on your own projects or have a drink whilst meeting new friends and old!


  • uk-fast
  • magma-digital
  • engine-yard
  • sky-bet
  • data-sift
  • inviqa
  • human-made
  • ampersand
  • github
  • pale-purple
  • google
  • server-groove
  • docnet
  • jadu
  • oreilly
  • php-storm
  • php-architect
  • zend