3rd*, 4th & 5th October
Manchester, UK

Ben Marks

Ben has spent thousands of hours teaching, developing, and musing in Magento. After five and a half years at one of the top eCommerce agencies in the States he joined eBay as the Community and Developer Evangelist for the Magento platform, a role he had occupied unofficially for at least a few years. He's passionate about connecting developers and discovering the ways in which they solve the problems and challenges of eCommerce. When not at a keyboard he can be found in his wife's airplane or behind a drumset.

Conference Day 1

Two > One: Modernising Magento for 2015 & Beyond

10:45 - 11:35 Saturday 4th October

Magento 1.0 launched in early 2008, has grown to 200k+ installations, and powers billions in eCommerce transactions each year. Though Magento 1 was one of the most sophisticated, flexible MVC architectures when it was released, PHP and development practices have evolved. This talk is a dive into the architectural decisions that are shaping Magento 2, including standardisation on Composer, use of AOP, and converting the application to have a full DI framework, and provide all business logic via a service layer.


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