3rd*, 4th & 5th October
Manchester, UK

Volker Dusch

Volker Dusch is a Software Developer born in Germany and currently working for the Scientific Network, ResearchGate, in Berlin. He started programming with PHP in the early PHP 4 days and has around 14 years of experience with the language. Having worked on big home grown legacy applications and with new 'modern' projects he is interested in keeping code maintainable so that it can be adapted fast and easily to new requirements. His current interests lie in the Clean Code movement, Test Driven Development, Agile Software Development and shipping what 'business' really needs to succeed.

Conference Day 2

Closing Keynote: Your Mileage Should Vary

12:05 - 12:50 Sunday 5th October

PHP runs the web. Millions of people use it to create amazing projects. There are tools, libraries, or processes for every problem you'll encounter. With such a vast ecosystem, picking the best option for your current situation becomes an important skill.

There is no one true answer and you'll have to have an understanding of how to make all your abilities and those of your peers, work together to reach your goals. We'll discuss many aspects of the software development life cycle to help you in making decisions that produce sustainable results.


  • uk-fast
  • magma-digital
  • engine-yard
  • sky-bet
  • data-sift
  • inviqa
  • human-made
  • ampersand
  • github
  • pale-purple
  • google
  • server-groove
  • docnet
  • jadu
  • oreilly
  • php-storm
  • php-architect
  • zend