2nd*, 3rd & 4th October
Manchester, UK

James Titcumb

James is the founder of the UK based PHP Hampshire user group and the PHP South Coast Conference. He's also a Zend Certified Engineer and consultant at Roave. During his downtime, he continues to run the PHP Hampshire user group and the conference, and keeps up with active contributions to various open source projects.

Tutorial Day

Adding 1.21 Gigawatts to Applications with RabbitMQ

Friday 2nd October AM

As your application grows, you soon realise you need to break up your application into smaller chunks that talk to each other. You could just use web services to interact, or you could take a more robust approach and use the message broker RabbitMQ. In this tutorial, I will introduce RabbitMQ as a solution to scalable, interoperable and flexible applications.

We will first set up a hypothetical domain, around which we will structure practical coding exercises to learn the features of RabbitMQ from the ground up. This tutorial is perfect for those who would like a deep dive into RabbitMQ with little or no pre-existing knowledge about message queuing systems. Once you've finished the tutorial, you will have learnt how to set up basic publish/subscribe message queues, control the flow of messages using various exchanges, and understand various features of RabbitMQ such as RPC, TTL, and DLX.

Conference Day 1

Diving into HHVM Extensions

Saturday 3rd October 14.00 -14.50

HHVM is currently gaining popularity at quite a pace, and it's a pretty exciting time for PHP runtimes. Have you ever wondered what is going on beneath this slick and super-speedy engine? I wondered that myself, so I dived into the internals of HHVM, discovering a treasure trove of awesome stuff. In this talk, I'll show you how HHVM itself works with a guided tour of the codebase, demonstrating how it all pieces together. I'll also show you a couple of ways to write your own incredible HHVM extension. You don't need to know C++ to understand this talk - just PHP language knowledge is enough.


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