2nd*, 3rd & 4th October
Manchester, UK

Justin Carmony

Justin Carmony has been programming professionally in PHP since 2005. He lives in Layton, Utah where he currently is the Director of Engineering for Deseret Digital Media, a local media company that runs some of largest regional new websites in the country. In the past he has worked for CEVO, a video game company that runs hosted online tournaments for companies like Dell, nVidia, DirectTV, and others. He currently is the President of the Utah PHP Usergroup and helps the Utah Open Source Foundation.

Conference Day 1

Writing Interactive User Interfaces with PHP & React.js

Saturday 3rd October 14.00 - 14.50

Have you heard of React.js but not sure where to start? Are your web UIs getting complicated and hard to maintain? Come learn about React.js, and JS library that was designed to make great user interfaces. We'll cover how to setup your environment to build React.js components. We'll talk about breaking out reusable components and organizing your code to make it manageable. We'll then show some examples of the differences between states & props and when to use them. We'll give a brief introduction to Flux, and share all the great resources for using React to help after the talk. Learn why websites like Facebook and Instagram use React to deliver a great experience, regardless of complexity. Learn how to take ReactJS and implement it into your existing PHP applications.

Conference Day 2

Scaling & Managing Asynchronous Workers (and staying sane!)

Sunday 4th October 11.10 - 11.55

There comes a point in time with a website when eventually need to do something in the background. There are always cron jobs, but eventually those either don't scale well, or are not responsive enough. Learn about how to help your website efficiently scale by using workers. We'll touch briefly the fundamental theory behind workers and how to easily implement them. We'll learn about several different technologies to help manage workers such as Beanstalkd, Supervisord, Redis, and others. We'll show a live demo of PHP workers performing tasks and you'll leave with sound understanding of how to implement workers in your own application.


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