2nd*, 3rd & 4th October
Manchester, UK

Liam Wilthshire

Liam is a software developer and director of development at Absolute Design in Nottingham. In his eight years as a dev, he's tackled projects large and small, from multi-million pound eCommerce sites to the plumber down the road looking for 'mates' rates. These days Liam focuses on back-end integration and eCommerce development, and in his spare time is trying to learn the secret to actually having some spare time.

Tutorial Day

Linux SysAdmin 101

Friday 2nd October PM

The vast majority of PHP developers work with a Linux environment - be that a staging box, AWS or more traditional hosting, most servers we work with are linux based. However, not all of us have an 'in depth' knowledge of the platform. This tutorial gives a detailed, hands on introduction to Linux Sysadmin, so that any PHP developer can SSH into a box and debug an issue, without having to go to a senior dev, or having to phone up their hosting company and sit in a queue forever. Working with pre-created linux virtual machines, delegates will have hands-on instruction on the following topics: - Introduction to Linux distros (focused on Ubuntu (deb) and CentOS (rpm)) - The Linux CLI (Connecting to Linux, using the CLI, common CLI tools) - Seting up a standard LAMP (Apache) stack and LNMP (Nginx) stack, including SSL - Server troubleshooting - Server monitoring Having 'in house' developers with Linux skills is a massive benifit to any organisation, so by the end of this tutorial delegates will not only be able to take on small server tasks, but also have the grounding and skills to learn more and develop their SysAdmin knowledge further.


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