30th September*,
1st & 2nd October
Manchester, UK

James Mallison

James is a software engineer working at @localstars with a particular interest in software and technical architecture. Technically opinionated, he’s passionate about best practices and frequently looks for shortcuts that can work for his team while still adhering to the principles that define good programming.

Conference Day 2

Websockets and Torrents: A match made in PHP

Sunday 2nd October 11:10 - 11:55

Websockets are a technology allowing bi-directional communication between the server and the client and are not often the topic of focus when it comes to writing standard web applications due to their complexity and learning curve required. This talk is the story of my first real project involving sending torrent data from the server to the browser so I could build my own Torrent Web GUI.

What is an event loop? How does it work? How about authentication when using both HTTP and Websocket requests? How do I make my code non-blocking? These are some of the topics covered from both a theoretical and a practical standpoint. I also talk about security and privacy and how not to get caught when setting up a server designed solely for streaming Ubuntu downloads.


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