30th September*,
1st & 2nd October
Manchester, UK

Matt Cockayne

Matt is both a PHP Developer and Scout Leader. Having tried his hand a few different careers he finds that he is happiest working with code. As a framework contributor and serial tinkerer Matt has spent a long time working on being the best PHP Developer he can be. As a Scout Leader he spends a lot of his time devoted to teaching valuable life skills to kids aged 7-18. He is a firm believer that being a Good Scout and Great Developer go hand in hand.

Conference Day 1

Graylogging to the Beat! - Take control of your logs

Saturday 1st October 14:00 - 14:50

Graylog is an open source log collector that allows you to centralise you logs in an easy to use manageable interface. With a wide range of adapters available it can receive logs from pretty much anything that you can possibly think of.

I'm going to introduce you through the basics of what Graylog can do for your project and how to get your log messages posting to it using Monolog. But what if you have an old legacy project that just logs to file and would be a nightmare to try modify! Well I have a solution for that, I'm also going to also show you how to set up using the Filebeat from elastic.

Filebeat is a lightweight data shipper that is easy to set up and can very easily push any logs files your application may generate to Graylog (or any log manager that can utilise the Lumberjack message specification)

Conference Day 2

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty programmer!

Sunday 2nd October 11:10 - 11:55

We've all been there at some point or another, a client walks into the room and demands... a shrubbery. And while nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition you can be sure that we will spend this talk taking a look at situations that will arise during your project life-cycle and find humorous ways to deal with them through the magic that is Python. And we don't mean the programming language!

We talk about how project managers will keep insisting that the parrot is still alive, why "Romanes eunt domus" is not the best name for a variable and that the Ministry of Silly (array) Walks should be founded ASAP. This is a humorous dig at the development life-cycle and shows how sometimes we can take things a bit too seriously. We should enjoy our jobs a lot more and how to manage our reactions when presented with some of the more frustrating parts of the job.

With a tongue firmly in cheek and lots of clips from the best of Python we will end the session looking on the bright side of life.


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