30th September*,
1st & 2nd October
Manchester, UK

Rob Allen

Rob Allen is a software consultant and developer. He has been involved in software architecture and development for many years and writes code in PHP, Swift and other interesting languages. He is part of Slim Framework’s leadership team and contributes to other open source projects. Rob is also a member of the Zend Framework Community team and wrote Zend Framework in Action. Based in the UK, he runs Nineteen Feet Limited, focussing on web development, training and consultancy. In his spare time, Rob blogs at akrabat.com and can often be seen with a camera in his hand.

Tutorial Day

Building Modern APIs in PHP

Friday 30th September AM

Modern applications increasingly require an API, whether to support rich client-side experiences, mobile apps, or to integrate with other systems, and PHP is evolving to be an excellent tool for this job. This tutorial will cover the fundamentals of building a really excellent and robust API in PHP including how to handle media types, authentication and errors appropriately. We'll use Slim Framework 3 since it uses the PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces, includes routing and a dependency injection container, and combined with its elegant middleware patterns it makes a very lightweight but solid foundation for our project. During the session you will build your own simple, working API and gain the skills that you can take back to the office to implement APIs of all kinds.

Conference Day 1

Slim: The PHP micro framework

Saturday 1st October 12:00 - 12:50

Slim is a PHP micro framework that enables you to write powerful web applications and APIs. In this talk, I will show how you can easily write great web sites with it. We will look at how Slim's middleware system leverages the PSR-7 HTTP request and response definitions to create easily understandable and flexible applications. We will cover application setup, routing and the relationship between actions and middleware. By the end of the session, you will be equipped to create Slim applications yourself.


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