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Benefits of the Tutorial Day to tell your Boss!

Asking your line manager or team leader about going on the Tutorial Day 30th September, might be an awkward conversation to start. Here are a few ideas that you might want to raise with them so that you can attend the Tutorial Day and perhaps get the company to pay for you as part of your development.

Within a dedicated classroom environment, the tutors focus on the developers in the room exclusively for the entire time of the tutorial. It’s not quite 1:1, but it is a small group with plenty of opportunities for you to get hands-on learning and support from experts in their field. We have kept the cost of the tutorial day as small as we can (at cost) none of the tutors gets paid, so everyone involved undertakes this for the love of the community and to help improve people’s skills.

The tutors will take the developers through in-depth teaching, with opportunities for group learning, individual coaching, and questions throughout the sessions. Your developers will come away with new skills and knowledge, that they can apply to their work.

We are all aware that people learn in different ways. The tutorial day enables the tutor to teach the group via various learning methods including – traditional lecture teaching, building practical and real software there and then, question and answer sessions, demonstrations and more. Getting all of this with a real life tutor for a day is a fantastic opportunity to learn skills quickly and thoroughly to then take back to your company on Monday!

Tutorials tend to accelerates learning. Learning together in a group enables your staff member to benefit from the shared experience and knowledge in the room. A developer on their own or with the usual people they work with – will not give them that wider experience and knowledge that they will get from a room full of new people and an experienced tutor. The value for money is great, as your team member gets the benefit from the shared experience in the room of developers from different organisations and experience.

Many developers state that peer learning is very enjoyable and motivating for them. Sharing knowledge and teaching others is a valuable way for everyone to learn. The developers who attend PHPNW each year, report back to us that they have not only discovered masses of great stuff, but they cannot wait to get back to work on Monday to try it out. Attending a tutorial day and the conference is a great value for money way of motivating your staff.

CPD (continuous professional development) is a major and useful way for a company to measure and improve the performance and skills of its team members. Committing to support developers to attend Tutorial Days and Conferences can be an extremely positive experience for both the individual and the employer.

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