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For Immediate Release 3rd August 2010

Announcing PHPNW10!

PHP North West are pleased to announce that the 3rd annual PHPNW conference will be held on Saturday, 09th October 2010 and again will be held at the Manchester Conference Centre. The schedule of Speakers and topics has now been published at

The Conference will bring together the northern PHP community for a one-day event of exceptional presentations and networking opportunities, followed by an informal ½ day at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) on Sunday, 10th October.

The PHPNW10 One-Day Main Event

The conference is organised by developers for developers,and its intention is to be the perfect opportunity for learning, networking and mixing with peers and industry leaders, as well as discovering the latest techniques and innovations in PHP and internet development.

The aim has been to attract a wide range of speakers, some are from the known International PHP scene and others are more local talent from within the UK. The call for papers has closed already with an exceptional 98 applications having been received!

PHPNW’s target audience includes Developers, Programmers, Managers, System Administrators, Enterprise Developers, Entrepreneurs, Designers and Students.

The conference organisers plan that it will be jam-packed with discussions, demonstrations and other activities to keep everyone involved and there will be the opportunity to get hands-on training and gain new skills.

All the delegates and sponsors will be invited to attend the wrap-up evening reception with casual drinks and networking opportunities. This should be the perfect chance to inspire, debate, make deals, develop, motivate and connect face-to-face with the northern PHP community and beyond.

PHPNW10 conference will feature key players and issues influencing PHP today and explore the greatest potential for PHP tomorrow.

As in previous years there will be a less formal, community driven, second half day conference,which will be held at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) where there will be chance for delegates to get together and put into practice some of what they have learned on the main day. The museum is much more than a conference venue, as it is full of exhibits that will enthuse those with a technical persuasion. The intention is to get most of the speakers to stay around and support this also. As the aim of this extra day is to give more hands on experience it is the intention to offer free entrance to a limited number of the previous days delegates.

Sponsorship of PHPNW10?

PHPNW and the PHPNW10 Conference are organised and run for the benefit of the PHP Community and exists to provide the development of professionals from a wide range of industries.

Companies wishing to stand out as leaders, innovators and community supporters at this conference can ally their brand to the Event and they will be able to connect their business with influential bloggers, thought leaders, talented developers and some of the best known companies around.

To sponsor or to make further enquiries, in the first instance please contact PHPNW10 on: 0845 241 6460 or email

Notes for Editors

Please use this release in an edited form appropriate to your audience.

PHPNW10 came about due to large public demand and following on from the successes of PHPNW08, and PHPNW09, when over 170 and 200 delegates were in attendance respectively!

What is PHP?

It is a fundamental web development language at the core of many established and emerging technologies, driving,changing and challenging the future of the technical world. Today, PHP is the most widely used programming language on the web,utilised by over 5 million developers and accounting for 40% of existing web applications.

PHPNW began early in 2008 after a small steering group had the mutual desire to :-
improve PHP skills in the North encourage personal development for Web Developers provide opportunities for innovation and creation
create a support network for the developers run by the development community provide opportunities to share experiences and best practices.

Since then, as well as the ’08 and ’09 conferences, the group has met on a monthly basis with a range of speakers covering PHP related topics. July ’10 saw the second anniversary of the group which meets in Manchester on the first Tuesday each month.

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