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PHPNW10: Juozas Kaziuk─Śnas: Optimizing Zend Framework

Click to Play Zend Framework is one of the most popular PHP framworks out there, however, there are a lot of people not happy or pushed away by its performance.This talk explains where Zend Framework loses its speed and how to regain it in your applications.Associated Slides

PHPNW10: Rowan Merewood: Practical Applications of Zend_Acl

Click to Play Access Control Lists are a tool that allows us to map permissions to objects within Zend_Acl this maps to a hierarchical arrangement of roles and resources.This talk will follow through the basic use of Zend_Acl and steadily build a series of practical examples to illustrate the different methods of creating and enforcing… read more

PHPNW10: Marcus Deglos (chairs): Framework Shootout!

Click to Play Roll up, roll up!Come along to watch your favourite frameworks go head to head in a bid to crown a champion. Expect honesty, hyperbole, lies and statistics as our experts debate and defend why their framework of choice belongs in your codebase.

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