PHP through the eyes of a hoster

Speaker : Thijs Feryn

Date : Sunday 10th October
Time : 11:30
Location : Track 1

Slides : PHP through the eyes of a hoster on SlideShare

Most PHP talks are given from the point of view of developers, managers, QA’s, community members and other obvious stakeholders of the wonderful world of PHP.

The story of the hoster is often untold, but the importance of the hoster is in a lot of cases underestimated. Hosters have a huge responsibility and deal as much with PHP related issues as the developers of the project.

During this talk, I’ll explain what our experiences with PHP are and how we apply our knowledge of PHP.

Expect the following topics:

  • Ensuring harmony on a shared server
  • Dealing with hacked websites
  • Boosting performance
  • Teaching customers how to make their apps scale
  • Solving code issues serverwise
  • Securing applications
  • Patching, debugging & profiling