Sebastian Marek

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Sebastian Marek

Talk : The Journey towards Continuous Integration

Date : Saturday 9th October
Time : 14:00
Location : Track 2

Sebastian Marek has nearly 10 years of experience in PHP. He’s a Senior Software Engineer at Plusnet a Sheffield-based ISP, now part of the BT Group. During his 4-year+ journey with Plusnet, he has migrated a multi-gigabyte codebase from CVS to git, helped set up the continuous integration environment as part of a long-term drive towards Test-Driven Development and is currently working on tools to support automated software deployment. Seb has a deep love for git and in his free time he occasionally contributes to opensource software like PHPUnit and PHPUnderControl.

He’s also a medieval ‘freak’ who wants to live in a castle and wear a full plate armour.