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PHPNW10: Michelangelo van Dam: Community works!

Click to Play Getting involved with the community behind PHP is not difficult, and everyone is welcome to participate to get involved. But whats this Getting involved thing ?In this session Ill explain what people can do to become part of the larger PHP community eco system, without committing code to the PHP core or… read more

PHPNW10: Ryan Mauger: Zend Framework: Getting to Grips

Click to Play Zend Framework appears to be a gargantuan beast to the outsider looking in. Finding where to start and picking up the basic principals can be a real headache and a time consuming business for those new to the framework.Im going to break down that learning curve, with a few simple principals to… read more

PHPNW10: Kathryn Reeve: Using Zend_Tool

Click to Play Zend_Tool is a great tool for use with Zend_Framework. It can be used to create base objects like forms, controllers, models; create actions within the system, set up directory structure and much much more .. all this from the command line.This talk will cover configuration and basic usage of the Zend_Tool.

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