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One of the largest and popular PHP Conferences globally, PHPNW17 is a long-running community based conference run on a not-for-profit basis. It is overwhelmingly supported by industry leader, code experts, web developers and global businesses across the world. This year, we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary and we aim to be bigger than ever before.

The PHPNW Conference has a reputation within the PHP community as a “go to” conference due its inspiring content, friendly atmosphere and networking opportunities. Our delegates come to our Conference because they are specifically interested in new technologies and way to improve their skills through our tutorials and talks.

PHPNW User Group

The PHPNW user group began in 2008 with the desire to:

  • Improve PHP skills in the North West of the UK
  • Encourage personal development of PHP developers
  • Provide opportunities for innovation and creation
  • Create a support network for the developers run by the development community
  • Provide opportunities to share experiences and best practise

Currently the group meets up on the first Tuesday of each month at Marble in Manchester.

What to Expect...

Hackathon: Friday 29th September 2017

Once the Tutorial Day has finished, the PHPNW17 Conference Weekend will kick off with the always popular Hackathon – a coding social! Attendees can code as individuals, pairs or groups on a variety of projects to practise and collaborate. Drinks, food and games will also be provided.

Conference Day 1: Saturday 30th September 2017

The Conference begins with a special talk provided by our carefully selected Keynote Speaker, and then splits into three different tracks as an ‘Unconference’ track which runs alongside the official schedule. Sponsors with exhibition stands will have plentiful opportunities to interact with delegates during breaks and meals. An attractive stand with giveaways or games is always a huge hit with our attendees.

Evening Social: Saturday 30th September 2017

All delegates and Sponsors are invited to attend the Saturday Evening Social for a meal and a drink... or three! This is the perfect chance to network with the PHP community, meeting potential recruits or business partners. Many previous attendees have voiced how valuable this time for networking is, and that with the friendly atmosphere that the PHPNW Conference prides itself on. It is very easy to get involved, make new connections and discuss current and future industry developments.

Conference Day 2: Sunday 1st October 2017

Sunday consists of three Conference tracks and a closing Keynote Speaker. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to stay for the morning as exhibitors and to meet delegates not yet met. This is usually when we announce the winers of the prize giveaways put on throughout the weekend. We also thank our Sponsors, Speakers and helpers from the community for their contribution to this year’s PHPNW Conference.


As the PHPNW17 conference approaches, one thing we’d love you to do is help us promote it. Show your support by adding one of the logos below to your site and linking it to http://conference.phpnw.org.uk/phpnw17

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