What is the Unconference?

This will be the sixth year that the PHPNW Conference will feature an Unconference track, running in tandem with the main conference tracks on the Saturday. The Unconference track is split into sections, spread throughout Saturday:

Lightning Talks: In true "unconference" fashion, Unconference sessions will be relatively short, at 20 minutes with 5 minutes at the end for Q&A. The lightening talk that is chosen as the best talk of the day at this years conference will receive a guaranteed speaker slot to present their talk at PHPNW18 as part of the main conference.

  • Once submitted you cannot change the amount / what you have submitted
  • The Chairs will select Speakers on the day and allocate their slot
  • Participation will be open to registered attendees of the PHPNW17 Conference only

Speed Geeking: The last hour of the Unconference session will be taken up by Speed Geeking. It works like this:

  • We have a series of speakers, spread out around the room, with a few attendees at each one
  • The speakers deliver a 5 minute talk
  • After 5 minutes, we ring a bell and everyone moves along to the next speaker
  • Speakers give their 5 minute pitch to the new group in front of them, and the cycle repeats

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