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PHPNW17 Conference wouldn't be possible without the kind generosity of our Sponsors' contributions, and for this we are highly thankful to the organisations listed to the organisations listed below. Please return thelive and support they've given us by checking them out!


UKFast is PHPNW17’s Platinum Sponsor!

Cloud and infrastructure firm UKFast is one of the UK’s largest independently owned hosting providers with a wide-ranging, homegrown product portfolio including Infrastructure as a Service, DR as a Service and cloud offering, eCloud®.

eCloud’s comprehensive cloud solutions range includes everything from drag-and-drop storage and OpenStack dev space, to complex bespoke hybrid and private solutions. Built in-house, eCloud is the first truly elastic cloud to be designed, created and wholly hosted in the UK.

A company with innovation at its heart, UKFast’s in-house R&D team design and build many of the products and services it delivers to its clients. The firm’s £4.5 million commitment to education delivers funded industry qualifications and paid conference attendances to every member of the R&D team, which contains Zend Certified Engineers.

Training and education plays a crucial role in the whole business. Earlier this year the government approved UKFast to open an academy school focussed on digital literacy in partnership with leading North West education provider The Dean Trust. Code clubs, workshops, masterclasses and an award-winning apprenticeship scheme are delivered by the firm’s team of full-time teachers as well as many of the broader team.

To learn how you could develop faster with UKFast click here!

Magma Ltd

Magma Ltd are a Gold Sponsor for PHPNW17 and have been for 10 years!

Magma Ltd are PHP experts who not only initiate and complete new projects but also relish the challenge of adopting existing or failing projects. We apply our skills, abilities and confidence into all our projects to create world-class web applications that will meet the needs of SME and Enterprise organisations alike. No matter what troubles clients have, we can help you solve them!

Magma have been instrumental in organising the PHPNW events and conferences since their inception in 2008. Our motivation to getting involved in PHPNW is that we strongly believe in supporting the local web community and promoting best practice within our wider industry. We hope you have a great time at the conference and look forward to meeting you during the weekend. Don’t forget to come and say hello at our stand.

Visit our website at www.magmadigital.co.uk

Space 48

Space 48 are kindly contributing to PHPNW17 as a Gold Sponsor!

Space 48 is an award-winning ecommerce consultancy for forward-thinking retailers. Specialising in Magento, we offer customers a complete solution from the design of a website to training on using the Magento platform, and effective marketing solutions to work alongside an ecommerce site.

Working with the right people, we ensure our culture keeps its balance and services are of a consistently high standard. We never stop pushing for improvement, as every member of our team is encouraged to learn, take ownership of their work, and be involved with innovation. No matter the job description, everyone’s point of view is valid, and everyone’s ideas count.

As the creators of Mage Titans, an international developer focused conference, we actively aim to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the Magento community by offering fellow developers a valuable opportunity to join Magento experts in exploratory discussions.

At Space 48 we are dedicated to finding and developing brilliant individuals to work at our head office in Manchester. Interested? Why not check out the roles we have available: https://www.space48.com/careers/

Digital Gurus

Digital Gurus are a Silver Sponsor for PHPNW17.

Having a passion and a real interest in the tech world, we do it differently. We take a genuine interest in your tech stack, the type of projects you like to work on, and most importantly, the direction in which you’re looking to take your career. Whether you’re looking to learn a new MVC framework or ditch that CMS for more bespoke code, we’re all ears. We listen to what you want and provide you with the opportunities that best match what you’re looking for.

We are a start-up Digital recruitment agency, based in the heart of Manchester. Though Digital Gurus has been around for 9 years, they had never had a presence in the North.

We work in the Permanent, Contract & Freelance markets with clients ranging from small start-ups to blue-chip, globally-recognised brands. We have certain criteria we look for in a client before agreeing to work with them. We are very account focussed and consider our clients as partners; even in Open Market, we work with a non-transactional ethos.

Each consultant specialises in their own vertical field within digital, split between Creative, Digital Marketing and Technical. By specialising, we ensure that our Gurus become experts in their field. We have the time and resources to allow people to really get to know the area they work in, allowing for detailed talks around your current role and the way in which you want to progress forward.


Passenger is growing and we’re looking for skilled PHP developers to help us expand. We’re working on things like journey planning, mobile ticket security and real-time information, whilst rolling out other platforms like smart homes and chatbots.

Passenger is predominantly written in PHP, heavily featuring Symfony 3, MongoDB, Drupal, AWS and DDD principles. We use sensible DevOpsy things like git, Jenkins CI, Vagrant and Ansible. Passenger consists of multi-tenanted tools, to work with open data like Open Street Map, and APIs that power multiple native iOS/Android 5* mobile ticketing and information apps/websites across the UK.

We’re part of Base, a technology company in sunny Bournemouth, specialising in the development of digital products. Base is a community-focused company, having organised the ReDevelop conference for developers on the south coast and is well known in the local PHP community, supporting PHP Dorset and speaking at PHP events.


DeployHQ is a deployment platform that takes your code from your repositories to your servers and we’re launching a brand new & improved interface and exciting new build tools at PHPNW17! Whether you’re deploying from Git, Mercurial or Subversion and whether you’re using FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 or SSH servers, we’ve got you covered! Our new build tools will allow you to streamline your deployment process even further by compiling your SASS, Javascript, Typescript & more. You can even use DeployHQ to run your application tests before deployment to ensure you’re not deploying any broken code.

Use code PHPNW17 for an extended 30 day free trial and a free DeployHQ gift when you subscribe.

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