Code of Conduct

The heart and soul of a conference is the community that it serves. PHPNW is run by passionate volunteers, bringing an annual conference that benefits both developers and their companies. As organisers, we consider each and every one of our attendees, sponsors and speakers as our guest, and we expect everyone to feel welcome, respected and safe.

Please make it your own aim to ensure all of our guests feel welcome and comfortable, either at the Conference itself or any associated social event. Any unsuitable behaviour may result in Conference access being revoked. PHPNW Conference draws a good crowd, and we will endeavour to make sure it stays that way.

Expected Behaviour

Please show respect to everyone in and around the Conference Centre. This is not exclusively people attending the Conference but also members of the public and Hotel Staff who may be in and around the hotel. Do not participate in any demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behaviour. Be respectful of the environment you are in. If you do notice anything dangerous or anybody in distress, do contact the Conference Team or the Hotel Staff as soon as possible.

Unexpected Behaviour

Examples of unacceptable behaviour include: intimidating, bullying, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning conduct by any delegates of our PHPNW17 Conference. As the Conference is once again being held in a hotel, there may be members of the publics around at all times. It is important to ensure that they are respected too. Remember to think before you speak. Sexist, racist and other provocative remarks or jokes may be offensive to the people around you. Use of these comments will not be tolerated at any time. If you feel you are the victim, or see anyone else as the victim of this behaviour, please ensure you alert a member of the the Conference Team or the Hotel Staff as soon as possible.

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated by anyone attending the Conference from delegates, speakers, sponsors or organisers. Anybody that is asked to stop their unacceptable behaviour is expected to comply with this immediately. If this behaviour then continues, further action will be taken. A further warning may be given or Conference access may be revoked with no refund.

It is the responsibility of everyone attending the Conference to read this Code of Conduct and comply with it, thus making the Conference another positive experience for everyone involved.

Contact Information

PHPNW17 can also provide you with information relating to the Code of Conduct, the Conference and also other services via email, direct mail, fax or telephone. Plesae email or you can follow us on Twitter: @phpnwConf.

If you need to contact someone regarding conduct whilst the Conference is underway, please find a member of the Conference Team. The Conference Team will be wearing PHPNW17 t-shirts from day one, so it should be easy to identify them from the beginning of the Conference. If you cannot locate one of the Conference Team, you can also inform the Hotel Staff who will ensure the correct action is enforced.

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