Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

Andrew has spent nearly a decade amongst the MySQL ecosystem witnessing events such as the Oracle acquisition, the meager threat of NoSQL and the rise of heterogeneous database infrastructure. All of which made little more than a minor scratch in the armor of the world's most popular RDBMS.

Today, Andrew stands shoulder to shoulder with Percona's finest whilst they battle their way through the trials of schema changes, the mysteries of deadlocks and the ultimate goal of 100% data availability. Andrew is a seasoned speaker at MySQL events and co-organiser of the MySQL meetup in the South West of England.

Conference Day 1

PHP7 and MySQL8: Still best friends?

Saturday 30th September 14:00 - 14:50

A lot of code under the bridge poses the question with the advances in PHP and the demands of 2017's applications, is MySQL still up to the job? Join Andrew Moore as he details some of the most important features of MySQL 5.7 and the upcoming new release MySQL 8. From features to performance, security and new replication capabilities there's a lot of things you might not know about MySQL's power. Topics of particular interest; - JSON - Security - Common Table Expressions ...and many more.

Conference Day 2

MySQL Worst Practices. Bring your system to its knees.

Sunday 1st October 11:10 - 11:15

We all know those conference talks that bleat on about doing the right thing at the right time. This talk aims to reveal some of the anti-best practices to illustrate how some installations of MySQL are doomed from day 0. From infrastructure choice to queries and everything in between deserves special attention if you really want to fail fast.

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