Antonis Pavlakis

Antonis Pavlakis

Antonis is a Senior Software Engineer at Holmes Media.

He has been working with PHP since 2005 and has a special interest in modernising legacy applications. He will often blog what he learns and open source to packagist what he things might be useful.

An active member in the community, Antonis has been organising user groups for over 5 years and has recently co-founded the PHPMiNDS user group in Nottingham.

Tutorial Day

End-to-end testing with Behat

Friday 29th September, PM Session (14:00 - 5:30)

In this tutorial we will use Behat to perform end-to-end (E2E) tests. This is not a tutorial on BDD. However we will use some of the BDD principles to create our tests to test a PHP application. By the end of this tutorial you will know how to setup Behat for a new project, configure it for your project and use it with and without selenium to run client-side tests.

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