Dennis Brumann

Dennis Brumann

Denis started his PHP-journey back in 2007, when he was still in university, working on a requirements engineering tool using PHP 5.2 and Zend Framework 0.9. The tool still floats around the internet, but he is too embarrassed to tell people where. Around that time he began working as a developer for his university and went on to work for an e-commerce agency and a startup before joining SensioLabs Germany.

In the now 10 years since he started with PHP he has seen many tools and frameworks and now focuses on (mostly) language-independent factors that make up what he considers good software architecture and maintained his love for learning new things and challenging his old beliefs. When he is not working he's literally going up a wall going bouldering and rock climbing.

Conference Day 1

Discovering & solving performance issues

Saturday 30th September 14:00 - 14:50

Over the last few years I mostly worked with legacy PHP applications and one thing that comes up in each project is performance. Unfortunately more often than not discussion around performance issues are purely hypothetical or around micro-optimizations or the collected data is misinterpreted. In my talk I want to lay out how to effectively anticipate, identify and mitigate performance issues in a common PHP application. I want to discuss how to approach performance optimizations including micro-optimizations, some tools available to a developer for investigating and monitoring performance issues as well as some ways to improve performance, including a quick introduction to both application and HTTP-caching.

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