Georgiana Gligor

Georgiana Gligor

After working on the LAMP stack for more than a decade, Georgiana is living proof that geek girls are an asset to any team. She loves taming the Force of the DevOps dark side and mentoring team mates in achieving craftsmanship.

Over the past year Georgiana dived deep into Artificial Intelligence, using Watson and Rainbird to deliver real-life applications, which also led her into starting a PhD in Systems Engineering.

Conference Day 1

Smart Scalable Content Distribution

Saturday 30th September 16:20 - 17:10

Separating data from functionality is one of the tricks to speedier applications, since it allows accessing the right content at the right time. Partitioning data cleverly presents several challenges that we've overcome for several projects, and it requires a combination of architecture, DevOps, development and testing skills that is pretty unique. Unless you have such a swiss-army-knife in your team (and are not afraid of the bus factor), you'd rather want to come listen to how we do it.

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