James Mallison

James Mallison

James is a Tech Lead @trivago in Mallorca, Spain. Having a particular interest in software and technical architecture, James has spoken at multiple conferences throughout the UK and Europe on realtime communication and software architecture. Technically opinionated, he's passionate about best practices and frequently looks for shortcuts that can work for his team while still adhering to the principles that define good programming.

Tutorial Day

Building a scalable distributed websocket architecture with PHP

Friday 29th September, AM Session (09:30 - 13:00)

PHP was never designed for long running processes and this causes problems for the modern world of programming where developers want to consume streams of data in realtime. HTTP/2 solves some problems with Server-Sent Events but it still does not solve the problem of efficient bidirectional communication. In this tutorial you will learn about Event-Driven Programming and how to create the foundations of a WebSocket application with React. Then we will move onto more advanced concepts such as removing blocking code with AMQP leading to the creation of a scalable and distributed WebSocket architecture built with PHP and associated technologies.

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