Michael Cullum

Michael Cullum

Michael Cullum is a backend PHP developer, working particularly with Symfony, and has been for about nine years. He currently works at SamKnows as a senior software engineer handling and processing huge amounts of internet measurement data. He is also a manager at phpBB where he has been a contributor for over half a decade and more recently he founded the new PHP Surrey User Group. He is actively involved in the PHP FIG previously as editor of PSR 12 and he now runs the administration of the FIG as the PHP FIG Secretary.

Conference Day 1

Hadoop and PHP

Saturday 30th September 12:00 - 12:50

Hadoop is a big data technology suite from the Apache Foundation that provides a range of tools for storing, interacting with and manipulating large data sets, or to help solve big data problems which might relate to the structure of the data just as much as the size of it. With many companies approaching points where they need to be able to handle large amounts of data, either right now or looking forward in order to scale, Hadoop is one of the core technologies that can help aid you there. In this talk I'll provide an outline of HDFS, Hive and Spark, three of the core Hadoop tools, and how you can use them; the differences between Hadoop and other technologies such as Elasticsearch; about Presto, a distributed SQL query engine that will allow you to query your big data clusters (HDFS, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Cassandra alike) with simple SQL queries. And finally, I'll talk about how you can utilise these resources from within your PHP application, allowing your platform to interact with your huge volumes of data without having to copy your business logic into another language.

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