Michael Woodward

Michael Woodward

New speaker. PHPSchool Co-Founder. Michael won Unconference Talk of the Year at PHPNW16 Conference with a talk regarding PHPSchool.

Michael is a Senior Developer at JH, an award-winning Magento eCommerce digital agency in Nottingham. JH focus on the build and design of bespoke, powerful, Magento sites, centred around customer experience – bringing real measurable results.

Conference Day 2

Teaching the next generation...

Sunday 1st October 09:55 - 10:40

The next generation of developers are looking for learning resources, Universities are not able to provide the platform required to everyone, it comes at a high cost... Current free resources are lacking behind with new improvements in the language. Here's how we're filling that requirement. PHP School, a completely Open Source learning platform for "students" to push themselves, at their own pace, not driven by deadlines but topics of interest. Teach the skills that are required, show off your project with a tutorial workshop! The possibilities are endless, let's help shape the next generation.

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