Oliver Davies

Oliver Davies

Oliver Davies has been building websites since 2007, specialising in PHP and Drupal since 2008, and more recently also working with Symfony, Silex, Laravel and Sculpin. He is a Senior Developer at Microserve, a Drupal core contributor, and open source advocate.

He regularly blogs and gives talks about web development and systems administration, maintains and contributes to various open source projects, and co-organises his local Drupal and PHP meetups and conferences.

Conference Day 2

Deploying PHP applications (and anything else) with Fabric

Sunday 1st October 09:00 - 09:45

You’ve built your website, and now you just need to deploy it. There are various ways that this could be done - from (S)FTP, to SCP and rsync, to running commands like git pull and composer install directly on the server which is not ideal. My favourite deployment tool of late is Fabric - a Python based command line tool for running commands locally as well as on remote servers. It’s language and framework agnostic, and flexible so you define the steps and workflow that you need - from a basic few-step deployment to a full Capistrano style zero-downtime deployment. This talk will cover some introduction to Fabric and how to write your own fabfiles, to then covering some examples and demos of different use case deployments for your application.

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