Patrik Karisch

Patrik Karisch

Patrik is a PHP, Linux and DevOps nerd specialized in content management systems, eCommerce, business systems, APIs, and connecting all the different systems to work together. Loving PHP, Symfony and open source he is an enthusiast and an advocate of modern development principles & standards. He notoriously automates everything and if he could code his life, he would. Debugging complex and legacy systems and architectures is not a problem for him and maybe the outcome is puuuhff magically automated and more cleaner than you've it ever seen. Besides this, creating new and advanced architectures, and supporting developers in their daily work pays his monthly bills.

Working over 8 years in different environments and businesses he has seen terrible things and brought them all to shine. Praise the sun!

Tutorial Day

Terraform and Ansible for developers - A dive into the DevOps world

Friday 29th September, AM Session (09:30 - 13:00)

Hey you, it's 2017, you shouldn't configure servers manually anymore. Whether you only manage one or two servers as a hobby or have a fleet of cloud instances, you need to consider to declare your infrastructure as code. Even as a developer. In this workshop you learn how to use Terraform and Ansible in your daily job as a developer and advance to the DevOps world. With both tools together you're able to quickly create new machines at many clouds, provision them efficiently and last but not least add your new machines to a diverse set of different SaaS services.

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