Rowan Merewood

Rowan Merewood

Rowan is a Developer Advocate at Google which means he takes shiny, new technology and finds ways to prove its value out in the real world. Aside from the obligatory exposure to BASIC as a child, the web has always been his natural home for coding. From early Perl-based guestbooks, through Python CMS integrations, onto PHP in more places than seems healthy. Come find him to chat about Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, or Firebase.

Conference Day 1

Connecting to people - creating a cross-device user experience

Saturday 30th September 10:45 - 11:35

Passwords are bad. We all know it, but we also know you're not going to build a service that doesn't use them - not if you like paying the rent. However, we can do a lot better. We'll take a whirlwind tour through the aspects of connecting people to your service, from generating passwords, not using passwords at all, creating users with one tap, identity providers, automatic cross-device sign-in, and password managers. Sign-in should be simple.

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