Tom Walder

Tom is CTO at Gear4music - the UK's largest online retailer of Musical instruments and equipment.

Very much a fan of and, more recently, a contributor to the PHP open-source community.

He has spoken internationally on topics such as Google's PHP PaaS, App Engine and running Containers in the cloud.

Conference Day 2

Machine Learning Basics

Sunday 1st October 09:55 - 10:40

Machine Learning (ML) isn’t Skynet, but it is a type of Artificial Intelligence. It’s certainly more easily accessible than ever - and could add great value to your software. We’ll cover the basic principles of the Machine Learning process: DATA > LEARNING > PREDICTION There are easily accessible, pre-trained machine learning REST APIs for image, text, video and voice analysis. These can be a real short-cut to taking advantage of ML quickly in your applications. We’ll look at some of these APIs and their application in real-world software. When your problem is harder, more niche or needs some customisation, you’ll need to “train your own model”. We’ll discuss the importance of data in Machine learning - the starting point for any new model. There are some great open-source tools (in PHP as well as the popular TensorFlow in Python) for building and training your own models - and with scalable, low-cost cloud servers you can train new models quickly in the cloud.

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